Nia - a luxury Designer and Soulful Artist. 

Nia’s love of luxury began in Paris, as all luxury does. A young girl in Paris looking up to the architecture, the fashion, the elegance, the culture. Riveting. Mesmerizing. A Fantasy All Its Own. 

Her only job was to follow this new source of light and passion. Finding style in every avenue of her life, Nia began experimenting. Conducting thoughtful, bold, and dynamic choices with fashion to exude her confidence and inner demeanor. The curiosity fully grounded itself in 2000 when Nia began working for Major Delema and exploring the world of merchandising through apparel. Her work later brought her to being hired as head designer for the Ron Herman in-house collection. 

Stars are born easily. But Nia’s work was intergalactic. Jumping from Ron Herman, 7 For All Man Kind, and  Jeffery Rudes. She gained experience in all facets of the industry. However, the simplicity of Parisian elegance never left her. 

Here we are, at the beginning of a new story. The QUYENN chapter. Upscale, luxury handbags with a purpose. As sleek and as forward-thinking as the owner’s debuting the collection.

Leather Luxury - an essential collection for the modern woman.