Raw & Refined Sensibility. We are built on thought - rooted in purpose. Our entire collection is designed and handmade in Los Angeles, California while the lamb leather is imported from small business owners in Northern Italy. All of the fabrics are upcycled, and the leather dyed using all-natural, plant-based ink. To finish, each piece is hand dried with extra heat to achieve a particular ultra soft finish and varnish. The texture is made to emphasize the importance of sustainable production that values quality over quantity.



Creatively driven with a shot of sophisticated independence. Our pieces are kept simple. QUYENN realizes that the beauty in a piece is not due to its structure or its design. It’s wow factor. But it’s the ability to enhance the power of individuality. To bring attention to your aura, instead of ego. Inspired by Natural Motifs and the Laid Back Luxury of California. QUYENN is for timelessly bold women.  For the entrepreneurs, the classics, the women of all trades, and the ones who get it done.